Laundry Waaave Baby Clothes Laundry

Laundry Waaave

WONDER LAB laundry gel for baby clothes is designed specifically to wash clothes of children up to two years old.

At this age, children have completely different contamination on clothes that do not require powerful cleansing action. It copes with severe contaminations efficiently and economically. It washes off traces of banana, broccoli, sand, and traces of biological contamination.

The gel does not require the use of additional softeners; it is completely safe, and does not provoke allergic reactions. The gel is completely washed off with water, and does not sediment in the fabric fibers. The hypoallergenicity was confirmed by pediatric physicians and dermatologists.

Just as with any other product on this website, its purchase will finance the development of a solution for oil spills clean up.

  • Made from apple and sugar beet pomace, coconuts with a pinch of food-grade additives
  • Free from phosphates, phosphonates, SLS and other hazardous substances
  • 98% biodegradable within 1 day
  • Safe for the entire family


Biomicrogel - the main active agent, made from apple and sugar beet
Alkyl Polyglycoside - coconut-oil based non-ionic surfactant
Fragnance - food-grade, all natural
Preservative - very low concentrations of approved preservative for the product to last longer

Size: 1,000 ml

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